19 Instagram Accounts Every Cocktail Lover Should Follow Right This Second


Living up to the name, beautifulbooze is full of the most stunning and mouthwateringly tantalising cocktail and food pairings. A home bartender, Natalie Migliarini will transform your Insta feed into a magical and endless journey of cocktail inspiration.

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An Argentinian mobile bar for hire, Holy Champagne Cocktail Bars celebrate a classic, clean cocktail aesthetic that’ll have you licking your lips and whispering “holy… shhhh-ampagne”.

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The definitive guide to New York City’s booze scene, Thirsty NYC’s Instagram is a collection of some of the greatest mixologists and cocktail bars NYC has to offer.

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4. The 86 Company – @the86co

The creators of Fords Gin, Caña Brava Rum, Aylesbury Duck Vodka, and Tequila Cabeza, The 86 Co. are lovers of cocktails and the art behind making them.

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The Aussie gin company based in the Yarra Valley not only makes a bloody good bottle of gin (Navy Strength, anyone?) but also brings together some exceptional ‘grams of their gin doing what it does best: looking tasty AF.

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Because you can never have enough gin in your day. A craft spirit from New York, Brooklyn Gin showcase their handmade spirit in all kinds of contexts. Part daily life, part cocktail romance, it’s a juniper-based dream.

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Self-described as a home bartender who lives “in a shitty apartment with a roomie who drinks in excess,” Apartment Bartender takes a simple approach to beautiful cocktails. These are the kind of drinks that’ll have you scanning Craigslist for shitty apartments to share with a cocktail genius.

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Hailing from Adelaide, Steve the Bartender offers private functions, weddings, and corporate events. His Instagram features the beautiful set-up of events, and incredible work he does with cocktails.

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Stir and Strain’s author, Elana, describes her blog as a “scratch pad” where she tests out recipes. If her Instagram is anything to go by, Elana can test these recipes out on me anytime.

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Death & Company is a highly decorated East Village bar, winning Best American Cocktail Bar and World’s Best Cocktail Menu at the Cocktail Spirited Awards in 2010. Their Instagram not only celebrates the incredible cocktails they serve, but also the geniuses who make them.

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Over in the West Village, Employees Only is a New York speakeasy and restaurant that was founded on the craft of the cocktail. Running since 2004, the bar often features their damn stunning cocktail creations as well as their hellishly good looking meals on their ‘gram.

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Perfect Pour Maui utilises the best ingredients from around Maui, creating incredible and unique flavour combinations. Their Instagram feed features some of these unique combos styled perfectly by hand.

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13. Tuxedo Number Two – @tuxedono2

If you’re looking for cocktail porn, look no further than Tuxedo Number Two. Letting the cocktails speak for themselves, these clean, minimalistic uploads will make you thirsty as hell.

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Sitting on the 15th floor of the Ritz-Carlton in North Carolina, the Punch Room is an ode to 19th-century clubs. Their ingredients are fresh, and their ‘grams are even fresher. There’s no filter necessary when the drinks look this good.

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15. The Bottled Cocktail Community – @brottle

There’s a reason why a lot of brottle’s uploads implore you to “tag your best friends”; These drinks are too good looking not to share. This cocktail community gives recipes of easy-to-make bottled beverages, so you can impress your buds with a batch of margaritas any time.

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Trust me when I say it was near impossible to pick just one photo from the incredible team at PUNCH. An online magazine that focuses on the good things in life (wine, spirits, and cocktails), PUNCH’s Instagram feed is a drink lovers dream.

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Classic cocktails have never been more accessible than with the Cocktail Aficionado. Showcasing a cocktail, and laying out the ingredients needed for each, you’ll have no reason not to get your mixologist on after following them.

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Before you slam me in the comments, I’m well aware beer isn’t a cocktail! BUT the Beer Drinkers are two Aussie blokes documenting all things craft beer, like this cookies & cream ale. A lack of cocktails will be the yeast of your worries with these crafty brews in your feed.

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Melisa Lapido is a cocktail creator who transforms drinks into the most magical creations. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, you won’t know whether you should drink these boozy works of art, or frame them.

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